Our impact

El Salvador is one of the most violent countries in America, ranking #8 worldwide in 2016. Due to conditions of vulnerability such as poverty and insecurity, the environment is filled with violence, fear and intolerance, leaving less time and space to take care of what's really important. Many women have difficulties in meeting their family needs because of their work and economic responsibilities. This generates a lack of attention to family needs, allowing children to be more vulnerable and fragile to gangs. 

Family is the basis of society, it is where basic skills and values for human development are learned. It is important to rescue the values of respect, tolerance, charity; to revalue the importance of the family, since that's where  true development of a sustainable society lies.

In a stressful, negative environment, we want to be the oasis where women in vulnerable conditions find empathy, care, dignity and development opportunities; resulting in educated and capable women with employability chances in our company. The long term impact we want to see is a human environment where family is the basis of society,  an environment filled with empathy, respect, tolerance and charity; creating a motivated community, willing to move forward and outgrow their current living conditions through steady and decent work environments.

We are a company that is generating a positive impact on Salvadorean society by creating jobs for women who for various reasons cannot be incorporated into the traditional labor market. As we said, we believe in the importance of the family as the basis of society, under this philosophy our logo and business model is created. We give our employees the opportunity to work with flexible hours and fair wages, allowing them to respond to their family needs and generate an income. 

These are the main SDG we work for:

  • SDG1: No poverty
  • SDG4: Quality Education
  • SDG5: Gender equality
  • SDG8: Decent Work and Economic Growth: 
  • SDG16: Peace, justice and strong institutions