About us

Coming from a creative and entrepreneurial family, RENGIFO was born with the intention of leaving a legacy for future generations and generating a positive impact on the artisans of El Salvador.

We are a company that is generating a positive impact on Salvadorean society by creating jobs for women who for various reasons cannot be incorporated into the traditional labor market. We believe in the importance of family as the basis of society, and that is how our business model is created. 

Many salvadorean women are not able to incorporate themselves into the traditional labour market because of family commitments in their homes. 
 We give our employees the opportunity to work with flexible hours and fair wages, allowing them to respond to their family needs and generate an income.  We give technical training to incorporate women in a production chain within the company in a human environment; they receive value education and experience empathy, charity, tolerance and care in their work environment. 

We can see how this conditions motivate them to outgrow their current living conditions and to seek better opportunities not only for themselves but for the people around them.

RENGIFO began in 2015 with hand-painted products and bespoke jewelry. The products were readily accepted by the local market and the brand positioned itself as both an elegant and artisanal option. 

We create trendy, practical and elegant handcrafted products, standing out for their exclusivity and quality. We produce jewelry, bags, handbags and household products. 

Due to the working conditions we offer, we have a team that’s motivated and committed to work. It is thanks to the teamwork that we have been growing consistently. We have seen their motivation by their compromise in having the work done on time, the detail when producing, quality of what's being produced, the lack of error in their work. The compromise on making the company grow by knowing that what they do is important and needs to be done right.